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Article: Don't do it: Eyelash serum with hormones

Warum wir Hormone in Wimpernseren meiden sollten

Don't do it: Eyelash serum with hormones


Paintings only come into their own when they are accompanied by a high-quality frame. The same applies to the eyes. Your charisma appears irresistible with a plump eyelash line. Some women therefore apply eyelash serums with hormones, which can be harmful. Taking a health risk for beauty not only seems questionable. It is unnecessary, because purely herbal natural cosmetics also provide magnificent eyelashes.

Beautifying side effects of medications

The specialist prescribes a drug for birth control, high blood pressure or cholesterol. While taking the drug convinces not only with its medical effect. Patients are happy about the positive side effect that skin blemishes disappear, hair loss decreases or the pounds fall as if by magic.

Word of such observations spreads quickly and tempts people to misuse the product. Anyone who has access to the supposed miracle cure uses it without a doctor's approval. Cosmetic brands discover the active ingredient for themselves and enrich their products with it. A make-up artist became aware that her friend suddenly enjoyed remarkably full eyelashes. The connection with special eye drops was obvious, and other patients did not miss it either.

The bottom line: insiders organized the drops in order to use them as a cosmetic miracle cure. Business-minded people immediately developed highly efficient eyelash serums. The effectiveness of the usually high-priced cosmetic products is indeed so impressive that many earthlings dig deep into their pockets for a few millimeters.

Hormone treatment without medical necessity

Eyelash growth is due to prostaglandin or related substances. Their names are, for example, methylamido-dihydro-noralfaprostal (MDN), dechloro-dihydroxy-difluoroethylcloprostenolamide or isopropyl-cloprostenate. For laypersons, it is already a challenge to read or pronounce the technical terms without errors. It is even more difficult to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the ingredients. Thus, it remains unclear what the body is confronted with during beauty care.

Prostaglandin and similar substances are classified as hormones. Depending on their concentration, they promote or inhibit the nervous system on which they act. In pharmacy, this characteristic is used, for example, to reduce eye pressure in patients with glaucoma. Local application of the tissue hormone causes excess ocular fluid to drain away, which alleviates the discomfort of those affected.

Cosmetics with known side effects and feared long-term consequences

Experts immediately suspected that the cosmetic use as a hormonal eyelash serum should be critically evaluated. Numerous field reports and studies illustrate how well-founded the critics' concerns are. Among the known side effects of eyelash care with hormones are watery , burning and red eyes. Temporary visual disturbances also occur, as does a change in the fatty tissue in the area of application. This can cause the eye to droopslightly overall.

In addition to the medically questionable side effects, there are also optical disadvantages. Some women complain of dark circles around the eyes, reminiscent of the face of rampant party tigers. At this point, even the most beautiful eyelash line in the world loses its appeal. Various products have already been withdrawn from the market in some countries because of their dubiousness. Consumer protectionists and medical experts generally advise giving all cosmetic products in this segment a wide berth.

On the one hand, the hormone balance is an extremely sensitive structure. On the other hand, there are no reliable studies on the long-term effects. This is not only due to the fact that the eyelash serum with prostaglandin is a fairly recent phenomenon. If the product is discontinued, the aesthetic effect recedes. Anyone who wants consistently long and full eyelashes must therefore supply the eye area with hormones for life. Even for laypersons, the following fear sounds logical: the supposed harmlessness of formulations with low concentrations of active ingredients could eventually be revealed as a fallacy.

Supporting the body instead of manipulating it

Word has spread about how worthy of criticism hormonal eyelash care is. Various cosmetics manufacturers react to this by disguising the composition of their products. The required substance can be extracted from coral, for example. This sounds better on the ingredient list, but it is not more harmless. Fortunately, some brands distance themselves completely from hormones and pursue a more sensible strategy in eyelash care.

The fine ring of hair around the eye not only looks pretty. It protects the sensory organ from external influences. The body has therefore developed its own clever cycle: The roots regularly produce hairs that take the place of the fallen-out specimens. The lifespan of each eyelash is limited by nature. However, it can be increased, which has a positive effect on the length and density.

Eyelash hairs come off less quickly if they have a healthy structure and are strongly anchored. A high level of suppleness counteracts hair breakage. If hair health is promoted, the lash line automatically appears fuller and longer after around eight weeks. The same applies to the eyebrows, where cyclical growth is comparable.

Intensive care and careful handling of the eye area

Our eyelash serum from colibri cosmetics convinces with this approach: proven ingredients such as propanediol and hyaluronic acid are brought into play to intensively nourish and moisturize the hairs. At the same time, the vegan serum strengthens the hair bulb, which is responsible for anchoring. It is not only hormones that are dispensed with. Controversial ingredients such as silicones or parabens are completely left out.

Natural cosmetics are the effective cornerstone for healthy eyelash extensions, which the body's own system accomplishes itself. The result can be forced if the small hairs are not exposed to unnecessary stress. Since mascara can provoke unflattering dryness, careful makeup removal is important. Mildly formulated cosmetic products with nourishing properties are recommended for this purpose.

If the eyes feel sticky, the face area is often rubbed vigorously. It is more clever to wash the eye area as needed and then carefully pat dry. This not only prevents sensitive hairs from coming loose from their anchorage. The sensory organ also benefits from the tactic. This is because the lash line ensures that tiny foreign particles do not reach the retina. Rubbing nevertheless transports the particles in, thereby sabotaging the organic benefits of the eyelashes.

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