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Peptide Serum & Booster

Peptides are natural components of our body and play an important role in various biological processes. In skincare, peptides help improve skin texture, promote collagen production, and strengthen the skin barrier. They offer effective anti-aging benefits while being gentle on the skin. By integrating peptides into your daily skincare routine, you can slow down the natural aging processes of your skin and promote a radiant and smooth complexion.

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Polypeptide Booster Polypeptide Booster
Polypeptide BoosterFirm skin with fewer wrinkles through peptide combination Sale price22,46 EUR Regular price29,95 EUR(748,67 EUR/l)
Save 25%
Revival Toner Revival Toner
Revival TonerGentle Toner for nourished, radiant, and hydrated skin Sale price14,96 EUR Regular price19,95 EUR(74,80 EUR/l)
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Rich Night Moisturizer Rich Night Moisturizer
Rich Night MoisturizerAccelerated regeneration overnight for soft skin Sale price22,46 EUR Regular price29,95 EUR(280,75 EUR/l)
1% Retinol BoosterEffective renewal of the skin with 1% highly concentrated retinol Sale price24,71 EUR Regular price32,95 EUR(823,67 EUR/l)
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Refining Eye Cream Refining Eye Cream
Refining Eye CreamPut an end to tired and sallow skin under the eyes! Sale price17,21 EUR Regular price22,95 EUR(860,50 EUR/l)
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Eyelash Booster Eyelash Booster
Eyelash BoosterFor a nourished eyelashes Sale price18,71 EUR Regular price24,95 EUR(3.742,00 EUR/l)
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Calming Serum Calming Serum
Calming SerumSoothing stressed skin and reducing redness Sale price17,21 EUR Regular price22,95 EUR(573,67 EUR/l)


As we age, collagen production in the skin decreases, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. Peptides stimulate collagen production, a protein crucial for skin firmness and elasticity. This results in firmer and smoother skin. Peptides not only support collagen production but also aid in elastin formation - another protein vital for skin elasticity. By using peptides, the skin becomes more resilient and elastic. Additionally, they help moisturize the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. A strong skin barrier prevents moisture loss and shields the skin from harmful environmental factors, promoting smooth and well-hydrated skin. Whether in the form of peptide serum, booster, concentrate, or cream, enjoy their long-lasting benefits.


One of the greatest advantages of peptides is their gentleness. While retinol can cause skin irritation, redness, and peeling, peptides are known for their good tolerance and can be used daily without issues. This makes them ideal for sensitive skin or individuals who react negatively to retinol. They are also suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Both ingredients effectively combat signs of aging. While retinol provides faster visible results, peptides work gently and continuously. Peptides also strengthen the skin barrier and enhance moisture retention, leading to better hydration. The choice often depends on individual skin conditions and tolerance. By leveraging the unique benefits of both ingredients, you can enhance your skincare routine effectively. Peptides and retinol complement each other perfectly by rejuvenating, strengthening, and protecting the skin against signs of aging.

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