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Peelings and Masks

A chemical peel with AHAs (fruit acids) or a chemical peel with BHA (salicylic acid) provides deep cleansing for your pores. They gently dissolve dead skin cells and sebum.

In addition to a facial peel, a facial mask can also help you achieve a clearer complexion or complement your wellness program with its intense care. You can also combine different masks – think of multimasking!

A toner is the ideal addition to the daily routine and provides additional moisture.

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Rich Hydration Mask Rich Hydration Mask
Rich Hydration MaskIntensive care for very dry, tense and stressed skin Sale price17,21 EUR Regular price22,95 EUR(114,73 EUR/l)
Save 25%
Retexturizing Mask Retexturizing Mask
Retexturizing MaskMore even and softer skin texture Sale price20,21 EUR Regular price26,95 EUR(134,73 EUR/l)
Save 25%
Calming Mask Calming Mask
Calming MaskSoothed and hydrated skin thanks to oat extract Sale price18,71 EUR Regular price24,95 EUR(124,73 EUR/l)
Save 25%
BHA Mask BHA Mask
BHA MaskRefined skin texture thanks to 2% BHA Sale price17,21 EUR Regular price22,95 EUR(114,73 EUR/l)
Save 25%
Exfoliate Booster Exfoliate Booster
Exfoliate BoosterMoisturizes and reduces wrinkles Sale price22,46 EUR Regular price29,95 EUR(224,60 EUR/l)
Save 25%
2 % BHA peeling 2 % BHA peeling
2 % BHA peelingGentle peeling for skin impurities and enlarged pores Sale price18,71 EUR Regular price24,95 EUR(187,10 EUR/l)
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Pore Minimizing Set Pore Minimizing Set
Save 25%
Revival Toner Revival Toner
Revival TonerGentle Toner for nourished, radiant, and hydrated skin Sale price14,96 EUR Regular price19,95 EUR(74,80 EUR/l)
Save 25%
Aloe Vera Spray Aloe Vera Spray
Aloe Vera SprayThe ultimate refreshing boost Sale price14,96 EUR Regular price19,95 EUR(59,84 EUR/l)

That's why a chemical peel is important for your skincare routine!

The skin renews itself by shedding old cells and replacing them with new ones. However, this process slows down with age and also due to external influences such as UV radiation, environmental pollution, and stress. Dead skin cells can clog pores and affect the appearance of the skin. Removing these cells not only promotes a fresh look but also enhances the absorption of subsequent skincare products. Chemical peels are particularly suitable for this and provide a radiant complexion and a smoother, more even skin texture. Our Exfoliate Booster is a chemical peel containing lactic acid. It gently removes dead skin cells from the surface and additionally improves the moisture content of the skin. On the other hand, our 2% BHA Peeling is a peel with salicylic acid (BHA) and works deep within the pores. Excess sebum and other deposits are removed, reducing blemishes. With soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, the formation of new blemishes is prevented. After a chemical peel, the skin is particularly receptive to nourishing ingredients. Take advantage of this effect by using a suitable moisturizer afterwards. The active ingredients can now penetrate deeper into the skin and achieve maximum results. Also, complement your skincare routine with sun protection, as your skin now requires special protection against harmful UV radiation.

Multimasking - comprehensive care in one step!

By using different facial masks at the same time, you can specifically target different areas of the face. Each has its own needs – the T-zone may be prone to skin blemishes, while the cheeks may be dry. Multimasking allows you to provide the specific care each area needs, without unnecessarily irritating more sensitive areas. For example, if you have an oilier forehead, you can use the BHA Mask there. If your cheeks are rather dry, you can apply the Calming Mask there. If your nose and chin tend to have blemishes, you can use the Retexturizing Mask there. The multimasking skincare step leaves you with balanced and radiant skin. Additionally, it is time-saving and can be adjusted according to changes in your skin condition.

Toner - Why this step in your care routine makes a big difference.

Toner, facial toner, and cleansers are important steps in the skincare routine to prepare the skin for subsequent products. They clarify, refresh, and soothe the skin. Our Revival Toner and our Aloe Vera Spray are applied as toners after the cleansers. Thus, they are not for facial cleansing, but nourish the skin with moisturizing and soothing ingredients. The Revival Toner reduces irritations and leaves a radiant complexion. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, the Aloe Vera Spray provides an extra dose of moisture and refreshment for face, body, and hair. Discover the big difference this small step can make in your care routine.

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