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Article: Tips for diet for acne that will help you minimize your acne or pimples

Der Einfluss von Ernährung auf Akne

Tips for diet for acne that will help you minimize your acne or pimples

In the course of life, many people are confronted with the problem of acne. This can be in their own adolescent phase or, for example, when their own children reach a certain age when acne becomes particularly prevalent. The skin blemishes that accompany acne can, in the worst case, accompany one's entire life in the form of noticeable scars - and even if it is only an intermittent occurrence, acne should definitely be considered a problem.

In this regard, there are many options and potentially promising ways to address the problem of acne. Acne nutrition is a topic that is often underestimated, but overall is very promising and often comes with some simple ways to tackle the unpopular acne.

Find out with colibri cosmetics in the following which possibilities nutrition offers for acne and pimples.

Acne is one of the common diseases in certain age groups

When it comes to skin diseases, no other disease pattern can show nearly the same quantities as acne. It is the most common skin disease in the world, and even in this country there is a very wide spread of this common skin disease.

The disease particularly affects the face and the back in the upper area and often spreads in isolated cases, but also over a wide area. Affected are especially adolescents in the advanced age of puberty often up to the age of 18. Well over two-thirds exhibit the various symptoms of acne and the problem is correspondingly extensive. However, the degree of the disease and other factors differ from person to person.

What acne is about in detail

In principle, the term acne is to be understood as a kind of collective term and, accordingly, nutrition in acne also has different effects depending on the clinical picture. Thus, on the one hand, there are distinctions according to the age of the affected person, as there are different forms for infants as well as for adolescents up to adults.

There are also distinctions according to the origins, after all, there can be a wide variety of origins, from UV exposure to the use of medications to cosmetics. Acne is accompanied by inflammation of the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles are also affected. Acne is manifested by blackheads, pimples, nodules, pustules and other impurities.

With some dietary tips, acne can usually be successfully limited

It is hard to actually relate diet and skin contamination independently of other effects, yet strong connections between diet and acne are suspected. Generally speaking, as with many other medical conditions, the skin lies little and a poorly nourished and unhealthy body indicates that on the surface.

Basically, a balanced and healthy diet for acne is always the basis for tackling the problem, but there are also some pitfalls to be aware of. For example, there are some restrictions on the fruits that are known to be healthy. Unsurprisingly, for example, sugared preserves should be avoided as much as possible, but fruits such as bananas, pineapple, pears and some others should also be enjoyed in moderation if possible with acne, while apples, berries and plums, for example, are somewhat safer.

The same is evident, for example, with nuts, which are known to have particularly healthy fats and a balanced nutrient balance. There, for example, salted nuts are rather harmful and the unsalted alternatives are to be aimed for. Dairy products, pork and other foods also have a rather bad reputation when it comes to acne.

In the case of dairy products, for example, this is because the glycemic index of these is particularly high. This means that the blood sugar level is quickly raised by these products, as such milk proteins are broken down accordingly quickly. Accordingly, the problem with bananas or, for example, fast wheat-based carbohydrates can also be explained, which should better be substituted by more wholesome alternatives.

When it comes to acne nutrition, you've come to the right place

In addition to the important topic of diet, there are many other ways to target acne and limit where it affects. For example, we offer a wide range of largely natural and promising skin products, such as face creams that cleanse and strengthen the skin.

Acne, which is often based on impurities, is thus effectively combated. Together with a balanced and targeted diet for acne, you can therefore effectively start the fight against acne without costly means and let your skin shine in a new light.

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