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colibri skincare x PETA - Cosmetics without animal testing


The renunciation of animal testing and the use of vegan ingredients in our products, which are exclusively manufactured in Germany, are a self-evident part of our work as a vegan cosmetics company! We are therefore very proud to be certified by PETA "Cosmetics without animal testing.

What that means:

PETA has dedicated itself to providing a platform on their website for cosmetics manufacturers with clear guidelines against animal testing. In order to be included, it is important that not only the cosmetics brand itself guarantees that no animal testing is done in its production worldwide, but also the cooperating suppliers and raw material suppliers. Fortunately, nowadays there are many modern and reliable testing methods for cosmetic products and their ingredients, which have no contact with animal testing and animal cruelty. This should become standard practice for all companies - not only in Europe, but worldwide!

In 2013, a ban of the European Union already came into force, which states an uniform EU-wide ban on the sale of cosmetic products, which were previously tested on animals. These tests may also not be done outside the EU. Unfortunately, this does not affect products which were manufactured before the year 2013.

In addition, many cosmetics companies have found a kind of loophole to continue animal testing despite the ban. If the ingredients of the products are included in the European REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) - that means, if the ingredients are also components of other products outside cosmetics - the companies "can" continue to test these ingredients on animals without coming into legal conflict.

What can you do?

Unfortunately, it is not easy as an end consumer to look behind the scenes of a cosmetics company. Ultimately, purchasing power lies with each individual! The success or failure of a company is determined by demand. Therefore, when choosing your cosmetics, please pay attention to small but still very important details. Statements such as "the product was not tested on animals" unfortunately does not imply that the individual ingredients did not come into contact with animal testing. We are proud to be a part of PETA. For cosmetics without animal testing!

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