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Article: Activated carbon - the superstar among masks

Aktivkohle – der Superstar unter den Masken

Activated carbon - the superstar among masks

What's the deal with the black wonder drug "activated charcoal" and what can it do for your skin?

Activated charcoal masks are hyped as the beauty secret of the year. Rightly so? In the following article you will learn everything you need to know about the healthy charcoal.
Activated charcoalis not a substance that grows on trees and can be harvested in its finished state. It is based on a very complex manufacturing process. The main component (90%) is carbon, in cosmetics it is called "charcoal". This very pure form of charcoal is known for its porous structure. Medicine made use of it years ago, as the spongy texture of activated charcoal can draw pollutants out of patients' stomachs and thus combat poisoning. Therefore, it is not surprising that activated charcoal as an ingredient and especially the activated charcoal mask are indispensable among the beauty fans of this world.

How activated charcoal masks work

Which woman doesn't know it: After a hard day, just a quick make-up removal and then off to bed... But promptly a few brown streaks from drying the face become visible on the white towel - and that despite thorough make-up removal! The reason for this is obvious: makeup remover wipes and the like only clean the skin roughly. Enter charcoal. Charcoal particles, have an absorbent effect similar to that of a sponge. This is ideal for removing dirt, make-up residues and grease from the skin when using an activated charcoal product - and this in a gentle way! Therefore, activated charcoal is also highly recommended for sensitive skin types.

4 facts about activated charcoal that you definitely didn't know yet

1. cleaning from the inside...?! That's right! Activated charcoal is also successfully used in detoxification cures and therapeutic fasting.

2. And who invented it? Already in ancient Greece people knew about the effect of activated carbon.

3. even the food industry uses activated carbon - to purify wine and beer.

4. Important: When buying your activated charcoal mask, be sure to look for the term "Charcoal". This must be included, otherwise it is just a black dye and not natural charcoal.

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