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Article: BEAUTY HACK - 3 tips for long eyelashes

Unsere 3 Tipps für lange Wimpern

BEAUTY HACK - 3 tips for long eyelashes

Every woman wants great eyelashes! Long thick eyelashes are sexy and provide a healthier look and a seductive eye look. Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with naturally beautiful full curved lashes. Give your lashes a helping hand with these simple 3 beauty tricks.


A small tip with a big effect!

If you take proper care of your eyelashes, you can prevent the hairs from breaking off too quickly. Did you know that your eyelashes can grow up to 11 millimeters long? Most of the time they never reach this length because we apply mascara, rub our eyes and roll around in our sleep. This also includes the fact that eyelashes usually fall out or break off before they can grow out. Especially by rubbing too much when removing makeup, your eyelashes will be damaged even faster and your skin will be irritated. Therefore, you should always use a particularly gentle cleansing foam and never "rub" over the eyes. This will not only cause redness of the skin, but in the worst case damage your eyelashes and they will fall out or break off faster.


Promote blood circulation with massage!

Sounds weird, but it's very effective. An eyelid and eyelash massage is not only relaxing, but also stimulates blood circulation in the eyelid and thus promotes eyelash growth. Simply put a few drops of castor oil on the eyelid and gently massage the eyelid and lash line with circular movements. In addition to the relaxation effect, the castor oil with its nourishing properties also ensures that your eyelashes break off less quickly. This massage is especially useful before going to bed, so the castor oil can develop its full effect.


If it should go faster - An eyelash serum for the perfect eye look!

In addition to proper care and a relaxing eyelash massage, you can also help the growth of your eyelashes with a serum.
The right serum helps you achieve the WOW effect within a few weeks. It intervenes in the growth cycle of your eyelashes so that they fall out less quickly. Our vegan and hormone-free lash active serum cares for your lashes and has been proven to promote thickening. The serum promotes keratinocyte proliferation in the hair bulb and helps to anchor the hair optimally, reducing or delaying fall out. It is simply applied to the eyelid rim, allowing it to take effect. Faster it does not go. Why you should do without an eyelash serum with hormones, we explain to you here.


Your eyelashes grow in a cycle that goes through 3 phases.

1.Anagen phase
The stimulating formula awakens dormant, inactive lash roots and initiates the growth phase.

2.Catagen phase
In the transition phase, the envelope of the lash root shrinks and the lashes solidify.

3.Telogen phase
The final resting phase is prolonged, which makes eyelashes rooted and preserved longer. The result: more density and volume.

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