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Article: Why vitamins are good and important for your skin!

Wieso Vitamine für deine Haut gut und wichtig sind!

Why vitamins are good and important for your skin!

The Latin term "vita" means life. Vitamins ensure that the human organism functions with its complex system. Since nothing in the world is perfect, there is one shortcoming: the body cannot produce as many organic compounds as it needs with its metabolism. Therefore, it depends on you to support it with the right diet and sensible cosmetic products.

Multifunctional organic compounds

The organism obtains energy from a wide variety of nutrients, not including vitamins. However, these carbon-containing compounds play a key role in various tasks that the body performs on a daily basis. The skin, with its estimated two billion cells, is only one small area in which vitamins are indispensable, for example, for defense against pathogens, sun protection or the renewal of epidermal cells. The catch in this basically clever system is that the body can - at least theoretically - only produce enough vitamin D itself. For all other classes of vitamins, it relies on you to remember to get enough.

Vitamins for skin health

Researchers are still busy researching, as probably not all vital vitamin types are known yet. Currently, 13 varieties are listed, some of which have been shown to contribute to skin health. These include vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin H. All five variants contribute to many bodily functions. For example, vitamin A strengthens the skin and is also relevant to smelling or the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow. Vitamin B3 is dedicated to protective functions that are not limited to the skin and hair.

Vitamin C is involved in an extraordinary number of metabolic processes, one of which is collagen formation. This contributes to the healthy texture of the skin. Vitamin E stimulates the immune system throughout the body and the containment of inflammation, which is important for skin regeneration. Biotin, known as vitamin B7 or H, is important for detoxification and elemental in hair growth and skin formation.

Vitamin supply from inside and outside.

A vitamin-rich diet is therefore important not only because true beauty is known to unfold from within. Only if the need is covered, everything runs smoothly with the body functions. It should be borne in mind that the organism is particularly challenged in the event of illness or special conditions such as pregnancy. Accordingly, the consumption of vitamins is high, which of course are only used for processes that are essential for survival. This explains, at least in part, why diseases sometimes lead to a poorer skin condition or why various skin problems first appear during pregnancy.

Important vitamins can be absorbed not only through food. It is possible to promote skin health via external application. Researchers largely agree, for example, that the organic compounds can penetrate into the deeper dimensions of the epidermis and promote cell renewal there. On the other hand, scientists are still debating whether cosmetic ingredients can reach the underlying dermis and subcutis. If you want to keep their connective tissue in good shape in the long run, you should prefer a balanced vital cuisine parallel to sustainable skin care.

Effective cosmetics - a question of quality and competence

The skin is surrounded by a protective mantle that initially fends off external influences and makes it difficult for a wide variety of substances to penetrate. For convincing results, it is therefore not enough to add vitamins half-heartedly to a cream. Rather, comprehensive expertise and sophisticated manufacturing processes are necessary to visibly improve the skin's appearance. Among other things, it must be remembered that some variants such as vitamin A are fat-soluble and other types such as biotin are water-soluble. Accordingly, the active ingredients must be incorporated into the care products. Therefore, you should only use high-quality cosmetics from trustworthy manufacturers. Otherwise, your commitment to skin and hair health may not pay off.

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