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Article: Activate your eyelashes: a quick history and fact guide

Aktiviere Deine Wimpern: Wimpernserum ohne Hormone

Activate your eyelashes: a quick history and fact guide

Eyelash serum: A miracle cure discovered overnight.

Who doesn't dream of long, curved and voluminous eyelashes? Whether for women or men, naturally long and well-shaped eyelashes are considered an international beauty feature. It is mascaraed, colored and glued to bring the hairs to better advantage. Even permanent extensions are applied to get a striking eye look. But how would it be if the eyelashes miraculously grew overnight and became thicker? For example, through an eyelash serum?

This actually happened in the USA in 2001 and thrilled beauty fans all over the world. After using an eye medication to treat glaucoma, the eyelashes of those affected mysteriously multiplied and grew thicker and longer than before. This unwanted side effect naturally delighted the patients. However, since a drug should never be used without medical advice and only for purely aesthetic beautification, the cosmetics industry took advantage of the growth-promoting active ingredient. The "eyelash serum" was invented! Many of the products put on the market stimulate eyelash growth with hormonal substances taken from the formula of the original drug. Such questionable ingredients are not absolutely necessary to design an effective eyelash serum that is also hormone-free. Because natural essences such as the plant extract Esculin contribute with their lasting care at least as effectively to the fact that the eyelashes appear longer and more voluminous with regular use. In this way, you get long and thick eyelashes and without the risk of harmful substances for your skin.

Eyelashes can do more than just look beautiful

5 facts that will surely amaze you

1. Eyelashes protect your eyes from external influences. Thanks to them, dirt, sweat and water can be repelled, so there is no irritation in the eye.

2. We lose a certain number of eyelashes every day. On average, we have to say goodbye to 1-5 hairs every day. Since after 3 months the growth phase of the hair is over, the loss is a natural cycle and not a cause for concern.

3. The length of the eyelashes varies a lot! The middle part is about 1.5 mm longer than the side hairs.

4. Eyelash styling is not a trend from today. Its origin goes back to 4000 BC. The people of ancient Egypt developed special tools to bend the tiny hairs upwards. Even then, people knew that hardly any other area of the body affects the first impression of a person as intensively as the eyes.

5. 2.75 centimeters is currently the record length of an eyelash. And it comes from a man! With the average length of an eyelash being 10 millimeters, quite enviable....

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