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Benefits of panthenol for your skin

Ensure more moisture, soothing, and healing in your skincare routine! Panthenol, also known as Provitamin B5, easily penetrates the skin and hair to exert its beneficial effects. As an excellent moisturizer, it attracts and retains water, keeping the skin hydrated and supple. This helps to smooth and care for dry and rough skin. Additionally, it has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm irritated and inflamed skin. Panthenol also supports skin regeneration and promotes wound healing. Furthermore, it can improve skin elasticity, making the skin appear firmer and younger.

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Hyaluron Booster Hyaluron Booster
Hyaluron BoosterHyaluronic acid for a moisturized skin Sale price23,96 EUR Regular price31,95 EUR(479,20 EUR/l)
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Night Cream Night Cream
Night CreamImproved skin texture overnight with retinol Sale price22,46 EUR Regular price29,95 EUR(280,75 EUR/l)
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Calming Moisturizer Calming Moisturizer
Calming MoisturizerNourished skin without being oily Sale price20,21 EUR Regular price26,95 EUR(252,63 EUR/l)
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Barrier Booster Barrier Booster
Barrier BoosterFor a strengthened skin barrier Sale price24,71 EUR Regular price32,95 EUR(494,20 EUR/l)
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Vitamin A Serum Vitamin A Serum
Vitamin A SerumOur Retinol Booster is now called Vitamin A Serum Sale price22,46 EUR Regular price29,95 EUR(748,67 EUR/l)
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Eyelash Booster Eyelash Booster
Eyelash BoosterFor a nourished eyelashes Sale price18,71 EUR Regular price24,95 EUR(3.742,00 EUR/l)
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Calming Mask Calming Mask
Calming MaskSoothed and hydrated skin thanks to oat extract Sale price18,71 EUR Regular price24,95 EUR(124,73 EUR/l)
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Aloe Vera Spray Aloe Vera Spray
Aloe Vera SprayThe ultimate refreshing boost Sale price14,96 EUR Regular price19,95 EUR(59,84 EUR/l)
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Calming Serum Calming Serum
Calming SerumSoothing stressed skin and reducing redness Sale price17,21 EUR Regular price22,95 EUR(573,67 EUR/l)


Panthenol easily penetrates the hair, improving its structure and providing intense moisture. This is especially beneficial for dry and damaged hair, as it hydrates and smooths the hair fibers from within. It also helps make the hair more resistant to damage and reduces the susceptibility to breakage and split ends. By strengthening the hair, it becomes more elastic and robust. Smoothing the outer layer of the hair allows light to be better reflected, making it look shinier and more vibrant. Panthenol also has soothing properties that can help alleviate scalp irritation and inflammation. A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair growth, and Panthenol helps keep the scalp in optimal condition. Incorporate Panthenol-containing products into your hair care routine to benefit from these various advantages. For example, you can use our Aloe Vera Spray.