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Article: Dry hair? Oils - your salvation!

Trockenes Haar? Unsere Öle – Deine Rettung!

Dry hair? Oils - your salvation!


The cold season is not only hard on our skin. Our dry hair is also crying out for intensive care, moisture and shine. This is now a thing of the past, because we are literally tackling the problem head on.

Everyday life for our hair usually looks like this: Dry heating air and a thick scarf are faithful companions for at least 8 hours. After work, the contrasting program quickly follows: fresh air, cold and wind, or even rain and snow. Even while reading, your hair longs for relaxation. The change from warm and cold promotes the drying out of the hair and this unfortunately favors faster breakage of the tips, i.e. the development of split ends. However, cutting off dry hair out of desperation or always having to hide it under a cap is not an option in the long term. We rely on effective and intensive care for our hair! Vegan, organic oils without chemicals, because nature knows what is good for us.


Argan oil, the "gold of Morocco" is a true miracle cure. In addition to its nourishing effect on the skin, it also has unbeatable ingredients that your dry hair should not do without. The contained linoleic acid protects against dehydration and harmful environmental influences, especially in winter. It prevents hair breakage and provides suppleness and resistance from the roots to the tips. The carotenoids contained in the oil build a natural protection against UV rays (also very important in winter!). Due to its high vitamin E content, argan oil is even said to have positive effects on hair fullness and growth.
Rub a spray amount in your hands and then massage it into washed hair until it becomes slightly stringy. Leave on for at least 60 minutes or even overnight and rinse thoroughly the next morning.
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Jojoba oil is the odorless alternative to argan oil. It gives skin and dry hair a supple texture. It also helps with hair problems such as dandruff or split ends and has a soothing and caring effect on irritated scalps. A scalp massage with jojoba oil or targeted application to the dry ends helps the hair to regain its healthy balance. Also highly recommended for preventive use. After an exposure time of approx. 60 minutes, rinse thoroughly.
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Our last recommendation for the care of your hair (and skin) is castor oil. It was already appreciated in ancient times by Egyptians and Greeks. Castor oil has an antibacterial effect, which can alleviate acne and inflammation. The application spectrum ranges from skin care to hair care, to strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows.
We recommend a cure with castor oil especially during the cold season. For this purpose, about three teaspoons of castor oil are mixed with one teaspoon of argan or jojoba oil in a container and warmed in a water bath. Then massage the oil into damp hair with your fingers and preferably leave it on overnight. The next morning, rinse thoroughly. Due to the nutrients contained and the deep effectiveness, the hair appears significantly revitalized and shiny.
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