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Article: How to care for your skin properly in summer

Beauty-Tipps für den Sommer

How to care for your skin properly in summer

It feels fantastic when the warm rays of the sun caress the skin on a cloudless day. At first, these positive emotions are absolutely correct, because sunlight boosts our vitamin D levels and does us good. However, the energy of the celestial body also has downsides, which you can curb with seasonally optimized skin care. How do you care for your skin properly in summer? What is the right skin care for summer? And what happens to your skin when you're in the sun anyway?

Relaxation for you, plenty of work for the skin!

Where heat acts, moisture escapes. The tissue loses substance and the envelope wrinkles. This chemical process is not a book with seven seals. You only need to look at the shriveled apple in the fruit bowl to understand the whole thing. It is similarly logical that the natural heat treatment accelerates processes such as the secretion of excess sebum or the shedding of dead skin scales, while any bacteria of the bad fraction are happy to have a favorable breeding ground.

The sun confronts the skin with UV-A rays and UV-B rays, which can impair its functions, damage important cells or even destroy tissue. For this, the body has developed some defense mechanisms and keeps clever secret weapons like antioxidants ready. At the same time, this means that your skin is busy and sometimes stressed, while you relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is especially true when there is a lack of important vital substances needed for the protective and regenerative processes.

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The perfect trio for summer skin health!

If you let the introductory passages run through your head, you will recognize the numerous building sites that want to be taken into account in summer facial care. This sounds like elaborate beauty sessions with cosmetic items whose ingredient lists seem endless. You may push this unpleasant thought aside, because it is also much easier. The trick is to focus on the true multi-talents of nature.

The body's own all-rounder: Hyaluron

Hyaluron is produced by the body itself to provide tone, elasticity and a balanced moisture level. Unfortunately, there is a small programming error in the human organism, as from the age of 25, less is generated than possible.

Especially in the case of stressful environmental influences such as sun exposure, the supply bottlenecks can affect the complexion and have lasting consequences such as wrinkles or age spots. It is therefore obvious not to dwell on complex formulations, but to go straight for a hyaluronic acid concentrate without questionable ingredients when it comes to skin care in summer.

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The remarkable power of argan fruits

The consumption of vital substances such as vitamin A or E and key elements such as antioxidants is also enormous. After all, the skin forms out a protective tan, repairs damage from incoming UV radiation and incessantly forms new cells. Accordingly, it is important that you are not stingy with your replenishment. All nourishing substances that are elementary in summer care beyond hyaluronic acid are found in argan oil.

So why should you bother with capricious complexes of active ingredients when nature has been providing the answer for centuries? colibri cosmetics shares this view and offers you the pure natural product. A touch of the Moroccan oil here, a drop of the hyaluronic acid concentrate there - the all-embracing summer care is already ticked off.

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Intensive detoxification with activated charcoal

With another component you can put the icing on the cake: The skin uses the opportunity of the heat effects to separate itself from expendable elements. If you treat your face to an occasional detox mask, you'll be helping the skin with its deep cleansing. This speeds things up to avoid unsightly side effects like pimples that would get in the way of a flawless tanned complexion. 

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